Promoting Canadian Businesses in the Dominican Republic and Haiti (Sep. 6, 2012)

September 7, 2012

O T T A W A – This past week I had the honour and privilege of co-leading a delegation of Canadian businesses on a trade mission to Dominican Republic and Haiti in my role as Chair of the International Trade Committee along with my colleague Minister Bernard Valcourt, the Associate Minister of National Defence and Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) (La Francophonie).

This experience was an on the ground example of the work your Government is doing to expand the opportunities and possibilities for Canadian businesses around the globe. On this particular trade mission we had 20 participating Canadian companies focused primarily in the infrastructure and agri-food sectors, including two from Alberta.

The purpose of your Government’s trade missions is strategic and sector-focused, visiting countries that offer Canada the greatest potential for growth and success. This mission was specifically organized to match Canadian capabilities with opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, expanding existing business links and creating new jobs and prosperity at home.

On the first stop of the trade mission in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, our delegation participated in various important events including; briefings on doing business in the Dominican Republic and its’ markets and business climate, sessions on energy and infrastructure, business networking roundtables, meetings with high level government officials, visits to Canadians companies currently operating in the country, and an announcement on Halifax’s LED Roadway Lighting (LRL) having secured a multimillion dollar supply contract.

Our next stop was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and consisted of similar events, albeit in a different setting. However, we also had the opportunity to meet with Canadians deployed to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti which has been focused on peacekeeping in Haiti since 2004, as well as a visit to a monument commemorating the lives lost during the devastating 2010 earthquake that rocked the country. Needless to say this was an emotional experience.

This trade mission and others upcoming are part of your Government’s commitment to promoting Canadian business abroad, to creating jobs and prosperity at home and to supporting Canada’s continued engagement in growing and emerging international markets around the globe.

Trade accounts for one in five Canadians jobs and 63 percent of our country’s annual GDP. As Chair of the International Trade committee I have a front row seat as your Government pursues these immense opportunities for Canadians businesses through the most ambitious trade agenda in Canadian history. I have no doubt that all of Canada, Yellowhead included, will reap the rewards of your Government’s comprehensive plan.

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