Rob speaks to The Associated General Contractors of America 2012 National and Chapter Leadership Conference

November 5, 2012

On October 1st, 2012, I had the honour and priviledge of addressing The Associated General Contractors of America 2012 National and Chapter Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C..

This group was keenly interested in what important initiatives Canada pursued prior to the recession and since, that have made us an island of stability in an economically turbulent international atmosphere. I also addressed North America’s opportunities to compete in the global economy moving forward together with our American counterparts.

My key message was:

  • Our Economic Action Plan  has promoted jobs and growth by putting $56 billion into stimulus funding, in addition to the $135 billion that the private sector has contributed over two years
  • We have lowered the corporate tax rate to 15% from 28% and are now generating more revenue at this reduced rate
  • We have lowered the tax burden on Canadians by about $3100 per family
  • We are matching our immigration policy with our labour force demand
  • We have undertaken significant regulatory reform and have a new plan that would ensure that one project receives one review that must only take a maximum of two years to complete
  • We have reduced the paperwork burden on small business by 20% through the Red Tape Reduction Commission
  • We will legislate a one-for-one rule to ensure that every time the government proposes a new regulation, it must eliminate an existing one
  • We have made international trade our national stimulus by signing 9 Free Trade Agreements with several other significant ones in the works, including CETA with the European Union, the TPP with our pacific neighbours , FIPA with China and we are in talks with Japan
  • We are actively pursuing the Beyond the Border initiative to raise awareness in the United States of the necessity of a fluid 49th Parallel for our trading relationship
  • Countries cannot protect or tax or spend their way to prosperity.  You have to grow your way to prosperity and that is  exactly what Canada is continuing to do.

To see some pictures from this event CLICK HERE.