Rob Merrifield Announces the Hire a Local Veteran Initiative

March 5, 2013

Y E L L O W H E A D — Hon. Rob Merrifield, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, asks local businesses to consider participating in the new Hire a Veteran initiative by giving priority hiring status to Veterans in Yellowhead.

Each year, between 4,000 and 5,000 Canadian Armed Forces members leave the military at an average age of 37. By working with private and public sector organizations, your Government is seeking to enhance opportunities for transitioning Veterans to join the civilian workforce.

Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans receive world-class training and are recognized throughout the world for their exceptional work-ethic and determination to complete the mission.

Over the course of their military careers they become skilled in many areas such as: planning, communication, project management and leadership in addition to being trained and having vast experience in the skilled trades.

Furthermore, Canadian Armed Forces’ personnel and Veterans are dedicated and loyal individuals who have experience that transcends all industries in Canada.

If interested in signing up with Hire a Veteran, please contact the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs office by email at or by phone at (613) 995-7785.


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For more information please contact: 1-800-268-7117